Ask Me About Stamps!

Beware, collecting the Discworld Stamps is highly addictive.

Following the link below can result in a serious lack of free time.

Discworld stamps

What is this all about?

The "Discworld Stamps" belong into the fantastical universe created by the author Terry Pratchett. But as opposed to the places and people of his stories, these stamps do exist. To cite the makers: "You've only to read his book "Going Postal" to realise the degree of collaboration. As Terry was writing the book, so I was suggesting ideas and producing drawings. Some of the images were suggested by Terry and others resulted from deep and meaningful consultations over a pint or two."

With the increasing number of beautiful stamps it is easy to loose track. These pages are meant as an overview over the world of Discworld Stamps and as an orientation for the new and the advanced collector.