iPhone apps are a brilliant idea (again)

I have to admit that Apple has had a brilliant idea – again – with the iPhone apps initiative. For the user it is perfect: buy and download an application for just 79 cents. If the app is crap then the wasted 79 cents are not going cost a minute of sleep. It is even so cheap that people buy lots and lots of fun application, i.e. apps with no real purpose but to create a smile on your face.

And that is what makes it the perfect platform for hobby developers. Create an application that people want to try out. It does not have to be full of high tech functions, but must appeal to the inexperienced iPhone user. And because the buyers are in a buying mood right now, chances are not bad that such an application will be downloaded a thousand or a million times worldwide. With a sales revenue of 70% this platform can be the chance for a lot of clever people to become millionaires. Fast.

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